School Board Candidate

Christina Fink

I am a 30 year resident of Lower Merion having grown up in Delaware county, the daughter of a education Psychiatrist and a art education teacher. I went to the University of Pennsylvania graduating with a dual degree in Physical Anthropology and a Communications & Law degree from Annenberg School. I also received my teaching certificate to teach in Pennsylvania.

I worked for Mead Corporation, Lexis-Nexis Corporation and Reed Elsevier in the capacity of sales and ultimately as branch manager and regional accounts manager for 13 years. Following that I run a small business in residential leasing and I own a farm in Montgomery County raising grass fed beef cattle.

My husband is a life long resident of Lower Merion and a graduate of Lower Merion High School. Our three sons have all been educated through our Lower Merion public schools having gone through Belmont Hills Elementary, Welsh Valley and Harriton High School. Our youngest son began at Gladwyne Elementary and is now a junior at Harriton High School. I have had a gifted child and a child with needs that require a IEP/504 and I offer historical perspective in that I have had children attending our schools for the past 18 consecutive years.

Christina Fink I am running for School Board because I believe we need more financial oversight of our district and I believe we need to add some business and financial skills to our board. I also believe that government can’t be efficient and creative without constructive discourse and that means having very diverse and varied opinions and perspectives as well as the skills necessary to run our $280 Million dollar district. Our School Board I believe lacks some necessary skills and diversity of thought.

I would like to move very cautiously in committing our tax payers to the huge tax increase necessary to build a new school. If all of our consultants have said that most likely our enrollment will peak in the next 4 years and possibly start heading down, then why would we commit our taxpayers to a permanent tax burden of the $200 million necessary to build a new school over the next 5 years. I want to appoint a volunteer citizen committee trained by the school district to confirm the lawful residence of each student in Lower Merion as I believe there are many students illegally attending our schools through using unlawful addresses. I would like to require our seniors to go through a basic finances course before they graduate and transform our senior projects into useful externships where all of our seniors are placed within a Lower Merion business to learn skills for the future. I would also like to require a civics course to build strong involved citizens in our communities and get more of our children out of our classrooms and into nature, museums and experiences to enhance their educational process. Finally it is time to look at ways to minimize areas of our budget to allow us to afford full day kindergarten in our district.
I hope you will consider voting for me on May 21st.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, Christina Fink