School Board Candidate

Tannia Schrieber

Lower Merion is going through a period of rapid change. In the coming months and years, we will be defined by what we prioritize. We have to decide how we can balance tax increases with the demands of a growing student body. This is a daunting task and the solutions should involve the cooperation and collaboration of the many agencies and governing bodies in our township.

The current school board has voted to unanimously back every proposal of the administration on far too many issues that should have been debated. Every current school board member voted to threaten Stoneleigh with eminent domain, then allowed that threat to continue for months despite an outpouring of protests from the community. During school board meetings, dissenting opinions have been voiced by the audience, but not amongst the school board directors. If we want to hold our government officials accountable, the entire community must prioritize a public dialogue and a system of checks and balances that does not currently exist. The rubber stamp culture is a threat to the long-term health of the school district and the greater Lower Merion community.

I have attended Lower Merion School Board meetings and Board of Civics meetings for several years, and use my academic and professional experience to provide my feedback to our elected officials and administration. I studied Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University, then worked in both union and non-union settings for several years before attending the Wharton School of Business. Since then, I have worked as a consultant as well as the head of Human Resources for the Board of Pensions. I understand the financial and cultural constraints facing the school board, and have volunteered for this position because I believe I can help the Lower Merion School District increase engagement with both the families attending our schools as well as the broader Lower Merion community.

Lower Merion has always been known for its strong school district and with the proper stewardship, this district could maintain our strength while planning wisely and carefully for the future. I am seeking the Republican endorsement because a system of checks and balances is critical to the health of any government agency and the Republican committee is uniquely positioned to ensure accountability, fiscal responsibility and candid discourse returns to the Lower Merion School Board.