Dear Lower Merion Friends and neighbors:

I  am the Vice-Chair of the Republican Committee of Lower Merion and Narberth.  We were receiving dozens of inquiries from our constituents in Lower Merion about organizing a bus to DC on January 6th.  I put out a statement to all Republican citizens inquiring if they really wanted to do this, I would look into transportation.  Within 72 hours of that note I informed everyone that I would NOT be organizing a bus to DC.  I then referred all interested members to the Southeastern  PA Republicans.  I did NOT organize a bus to DC on January 6th.  I did NOT go to DC on January 6th. The Lower Merion Democrat leadership is advertising lies.

And on another note… about trying to win the School Board race with facts, ideas and skills? I have attached the “Our Vision For Lower Merion Schools” platform that I and my fellow Republican candidates for Lower Merion School Board would like to offer you in terms of what we actually want to do!


I hope you will consider voting for us in the primary on May 18th.